ANY construction equipment and tools co.,Ltd.

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Room No. 1621
Han il Building 815
Moon Hyun 4 Dong
Nam-Gu Pusan

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Company Description

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig.
Generally, Bored Piles are adopted where conventional piles c
annot be constructed due to conditions and construction depth.
According to the load and construction purposed various meth
ods can be adopted R.C.D Machine is available to acquire high efficiency by the use of 360 degree rotary drilling system when foundation works be carried out on the stratum including rock.
Meanwhile compressed-air is injected into the Drill pipe bel
ow the water level in the casing tube equipped with this machine and this air lift system is useful to get advantages that solids are automatically raised and discharged through drill pipe without special equipment.

- Working Range : 1000 ~ (ov
- Working on land and on marine

Casing Oscillator

Casing Oscillator is available to excavate
smoothly a foundation hole with casing and is activated for the movement by two hydraulic jacks. The casing locked by the jaws is subjected to an Oscillation around its own axis during the lifting and driving phase. This machine is driven or extract the casing in the ground by the hydraulic lifting cylinder.

- The feature of casing oscillator
Speedy Excavation by
Oscillation movement
Efficient Extraction of Casing
Easy to move its weight and volume in spite of its high pressure

Applicable rotation power and angle make the work efficiency better
easy to take in diverse adapters
The whole w
orking by oil pressure doesn't go wrong easily, and very easy maintenance
- Diameter : 1M - 3M

- It is worked cla
y, soil and soft rock layer than RCD working's

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