Balem Co., Ltd.

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1483-1 Songjeong-dong
Busan 618-270

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Company Description

Balem Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in hydraulic level controlvalves and automatic control valves. Balem tries the best day and night todraw absolute trust based upon long time experiences and all requests of consumers. Balem has continued its history for past 20 years now with customers'endless love and support. In order to return for the support, we have expanded and invested more in R&D department to become the one of themost leading hydraulic control valve companies in the industry with excellentreliable valves.

Presently, we are manufacturing Balem 411(Balem Valve), Balem 42
1(CombiValve), Balem 431(Pistek Valve), Balem 441(Bescon Valve), Balem 511(Two-Level Valve), Balem 521(Plastic Valve), Balem 531(Stainless Valve) with customers' endless love and have recently introduced Balem 130 series tothe markets. Balem 130 can perform as a multi-functional valve such as pressure reducingcontrol, pressure relief control, constant level control, remotely on/off, checkcontrol, surge anticipating and pump control ability by selecting types of pilotvalve in water works, irrigation, industrial plant, chemical, fire service, shipbuilding sites. This valve can be used in such various industries.

We will
introduce Balem 120 series as the cutting edge of valve technologiesto the markets soon. We have developed Balem 120 series to support ourcustomers' demanding products of various types. Balem 120 can also performas a multi-functional valve operating by diaphragm only and it is a new styleentirely emerged from old-fashioned designs.

We can confidently guarantee that all
Balem valves are tested in our laboratory where 200 horse power pump and 300 tons of water reservoirfacilities are equipped. We kindly inform you to use our trustable valvescontinuously. Balem promises to provide always excellent quality products and the mosttrustable valves for lasting support customers.

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