Wenten Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Room 428
Century Plaza
Nanshan District Shenzhen Guangdong 518054

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Company Description

  Wenten Electronics Co.,Ltd.is a professional corporation contains designing,developing and producing on crystal units,oscillators,ceramic resonators, ceramic filters,as well as saw devices,traps,discriminators and so on.Our products are widely applicable with electronical ommunication,microcomputer,electronics instruments, RF remote control,multimedia,mobile telephone,GPS,space navigation, domestic electric appliances,and etc. Most of them are exported to America,Europe,Korea,Japanese, HK & other countries,and gets good credit for many series years.

   With our mark
et's demand and business's development,Wenten company had invested to establish the factory for producing aluminum electrolytic capacitors in Hunan province.Now the monthly output is 5,000,000. Most of the material for these capacitors are imported from foreign countries. It integrates small size, low leakage current, low dissipation factor, excellent frequency-impedance, wide temperature range, reliable and stable characteristics, be welcomed to the clients.

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