Fit Mould Plastics Co., LTD

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Shani district
Qingxi town Dongwan Guangdong 523655

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Company Description

Fit Mould Plastics Co., Ltd is your best source for mold making and plastic molding partner with competitive price, we become the leading manufacture in China who provide an extensive range of design, technical developing, prototyping, mould build and molding solutions to meet all needs, from its inception, Fit Mould Plastics has successfully met customers in China and all over the world, no customer is too far for us to service satisfactory as we have the latest in communications technology.

Established in 1987,Fit Mould Plastics (FMP) is engaged in the Injection mould services and Injecti
on Moulding services.

As a professional molder, the FMP management acknowledges the importance of developing mold fab
rication skills and technical staff skills, and highly values the latest development of technological methods for molding. >
FMP watches over significant cost saving factors such as material wastage, product cycle time venting and cooling system
when designing your molds.

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