Thomsula Limited

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312 Kasoa-Mallam Rd.
Mallam Accra.

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Company Description

We Are Thomsula Farms
Established in 2009, in Accra-Ghana, with offices in Nigeria, Liberia and Ivory Coast.

We are a full service tilapia hatchery supplying tilapia breeding colonies and tilapia fingerlings for backyard tilapia farming, Backyard Catfish Farming, and commercial aquaculture. We created this, Backyard Fish Farming, to cater to our number
one customer, the do-it-yourself backyard fish farmer. More often than not, home fish farmers find themselves confused by all the information on the Internet that only pertains to fish breeding or commercial fisheries. At Backyard Tilapia, instead of going into great detail about how to set up, and operate, your own fish hatchery, or commercial aquaculture facility, we will focus entirely on backyard tilapia farming, and perhaps help you make some money in the process. Of course, if you decide later on that you enjoy backyard tilapia farming so much that you want to go big and turn it into a full fledged business, you'll already be well on you way.

As a part of our efforts to ensure you do not experience these unnecessary challenges, we provide expertise idea in design and costing of catfish farms, breeding, pond digging, Project monitoring and evaluation; we provide organizations and individuals with management advisory services that help in catfish business transformation and for informed decision making. Our focus is on the international fish farming practice and researches that will bring profit to our clients. We target profit and sustainability when handling any projects.

-feasibilty studies
-production planning
-site selection
-system design e.g. GWS or RAS
-fingerlings production
-breeders productions
-training courses
-restaurants franchise brokerage
-buy and selling of fish
-international and local aquaculture/fish farming jobs placements

Our aims include:
*Using our Platform we generate and invest funds in fish farming from our investors
* To make you an Independent Fish Farmer
* Provide Jobs... In fish Farming,new methods of marketing Fish Farm Products, new oppurtunities in fish farming.
* To build a "Coorperative Fish Farming Network" with you as our Partner.
* Show you how to benefit from our "Sales Platform"
* Build a Network through you that all farms within your Network can have access to Land, Capital, Stock and Sales of end       Product.
* To Market our products through your network.

Our Services:
* We build Earth Ponds, Concrete Ponds and Rubber Surface Tanks.
* We Supply Catfish & Tilapia Fingerlings and Adult Catfish.
* We Train Interested members of the Public in Backyard and Commercial Fish Farming
* We also sell fish feeds of all sizes.
* We have Seminars on Backyard Fish Farming.
* We hire out ponds and land for investors looking for 60% ROI.
* We sell,Hire and Lease plots of land for Commercial Fish Farmers and Backyard Fish Farmers.

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