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P.O. Box 324
TAXES 75067

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Company Description

CedarCide produces an
all-natural,organic alternative to chemical based pesticides that is
safe to use around children and pets. We use Cedar Oil which works on
insects both as a repellant and as a “knock down” killer (kills
on contact). CedarCide products are 100% natural and non-toxic, and
are available in a variety of forms, from ready to use sprays to

Cedar oil is a proven insect repellent
that has been used for thousands of years. Since it is 100% organic
and has no harmful effect to people or the environment, our products
can be sprayed on people & pets, poured into standing water,
sprayed onto surfaces, fogged into spaces or even applied to a
customer’s entire yard through hose-end sprayers or sprinkler
systems using a simple plug & play injection system.

Whether you are looking for animal
protection products, lawn pesticides, wood preservation &
protection, or have a certain pest that is becoming a nuisance, we
have an organic solution for you!

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