Video Network Security

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Company Description

The Video Network Security selects the best equipment and the most advanced systems available today on the national and international security and automation to offer them only the most qualified firms. The goal is to expand our range of products with the brand VNScctv, high-level services and more qualified. For qualified services mean technical preparation, courtesy, ability to solve any technical and commercial people of proven personal and professional ethics.

The Video Security Network has as its goal to be a company to service not only of all the distributors but also an oasis of information for all installers in the industry to inform them and enable them to create security systems and automation tailored, secure buildings , reliable and meet regulatory requirements.
Security and reliability is synonymous with quality and not just products but also services attached to them as:

Price lists exclusive Distributors, Installers and Professionals available by registering on the site, with discounts and conditions in respect of various professionals. The general conditions of sale are the foundation of every business relationship and establish a sound point of reference in the supplier customer.


In our electronic catalog for viewing on the site by logging in, there are products, VNScctv, we test it before placing on the market and we see that during the warranty period and beyond to the terms and conditions described in the " Technical Assistance ".


Our entire staff, from sales to technical update is to offer the best support and service possible. The equipment of our imports are specifically designed to give guests a simple and functional. There are many occasions where you are to explain the methods of resolving issues of surveillance equipment to our customers and in some cases it is a difficult operation to be carried out by telephone and email let alone. Today, thanks to the new generation of technology you can do it directly from remote. The Video Network Security research and distributes machines with high efficiency and warranty. The media technologies are now in common use, this is why we offer our customers technologies that are of similar magnitude faster understanding and, many of them avail themselves of the use of menus in Italian. Using the mouse, with the simple "click", you will be able to test the effectiveness of our equipment that will be made available to you through our dedicated servers.


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