Wuxi Dura Shred Recycling Tchechnologies Co., Ltd.

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12/C Ketou Building
No.285 West Jianguo Road

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Company Description

Double Shaft Shredder

Dura-Shred’s two shaft shredders are designed with an
aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology. The shredder blade
thickness ranges from 25 mm to 152 mm (1”-6”) depending on the type of tires,
throughput, and desired end product. The biggest shredder can process different
kind of tires, metal, plastic, wood etc., the biggest capacity can be up to 20

The Grater is the ultimate machine for
mid-stream grinding and steel separation. It is specifically designed to take
pre-shredded tires chips and produce between 44-16 mm (1.75” and 0.5”) wire
free rubber chip. The Grater and can process up to 6 tons of input per hour.
The main rotor housing is equipped with replaceable wear plates to increase the
durability and longevity of the cutting chamber. Another unique feature of this
machine is the ability to turn the knives once before having to send them to be
sharpened or replaced, minimizing operating costs.


The Granulators are designed to grind the rubber mulch
from the Grater into small granules as fine as 10 mesh. The granules are
screened and re-circulated until the desired size is reached. Due to the design
of the our granulator and precise alignment of the blades, this Granulator
produces a very uniform cut, high quality granule. During the granulation
process, 99% of the fiber is removed, leaving a contaminant free crumb rubber
granulate ready to be further processed or sold.


Dura-shred's miller is designed for rubber material
where a powdered products is required. Granules of size 1-8 is fed via feeder
to the rotating high speed serrated disk to produce a powder product in the
required 30-120mesh range and where the final size is determined by adjustable
centrifugal screen.

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