OMV Green Tech Enterprise

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67 grace park Pinaod San Ildefonso Bulacan 3010

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Company Description

OMV Green tech Enterprise provides high quality and affordable greenhouse solutions for horticulture businesses and hobbyist, as well as for everyday farmers whose in need of better and successful vegetable, flower, plant (seedling) or fruit yields.

Our business spans nationally in the Philippines. We cater to clients that deals with Horticulture in general such as Plant Farming, Seedling Growth and Development, Vegetable Farming, Experimental research, Garden Hobbyist, and for whatever purpose a greenhouse may serve to them.

The pictures in our gallery shows the quality of work and dedication we put in each project. We also provide after market services such as greenhouse repairs and upgrades to our client’s pre existing greenhouses. Our products are backed by 180 days of warranty and follows the industry standards in manufacturing green houses with a very low cost per square meter.

Our Greenhouse’s Benefits:

1.) Portable or Fixed Option – the entire structure can either be fixed via cement or fixed via soil for the purpose of portability and stability.
2.) Easy to Manage – provides ease of Assembly and Disassembly with the use of our Wiggle Wire Poly Fastening device.
3.) All Year Round Harvest – Planting and Harvesting crops will no longer be dependent on the climate change of it’s environment.
4.) Flexible Productivity – Optional Accessories such as Sprinkler Irrigation, Mist Irrigation, Circulating Fan, Exhaust Fan, Drip Irrigation System provides a more flexible greenhouse in terms of the type of production to be accomplished. All Irrigation System is powered by the built in Pressurized Water System installed in all our greenhouses.
5.) Well Balanced Humidity and Ventilation – Humidity is balanced by the securely affixed covering of the greenhouse together with the irrigation system to be installed in it. Ventilation is modulated by our Air Ventilation design (Saw type or both Left and Right Ventilation) as seen in the pictures. temperature and light requirements for plants to enter photosynthesis and chlorophyll processing is regulated by the U.V. treated Polyethylene Film with either 150 or 200 microns specification used in all of our greenhouses.
6.) Insect Proof – Due to it’s insect proof construction and materials used, insects are not able to enter and pass on viral diseases to plants.
7.) Enhanced plant development – Plants grow better in a controlled environment hence producing better yields which in turn creates bigger opportunities for high end markets.
8.) Higher Value Market – yields enter into a higher value market which means better profit for each season of harvesting of crops.

Other Uses:

– Seedling production (Fruits, Vegetables and Orn0amental plants)
– Flower Production (orchids and other flowering plants)
– Cut Flower Production (Roses, Chrysantemums, etc.)
– Organic Vegetable Production
– Research
– Hobby Gardening

If you want to know more of our products and / or our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the following contact info:

Brian Padilla
[email protected]

Oliver Valmadrid
[email protected]

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