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Como - CO

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Company Description

Process Engineering - P.E. - engineers, designs, supplies and starts up Process Equipment, Machinery, Industrial Packages and Turn-Key Process Plants applying Know-How, Technology, Products, Processes and Patents of its own.

The experience acquired in the Environment Control, the Waste Water Treatment and the Rubber Thread Sectors , the Solutions , the Products and the Technology constituting the "Made in Process" can be successfully applied in many industrial sectors such as: - Environment and Pollution Control,
- Waste Water Treatment,
- Agro-Industrial,
- Clean Energy & Furfural,
- Oil & Gas,
- Mass Transfer,
- Rubber Industry,
- Rubber Products,
- Rubber Thread.

The Products , the Technology and the Services that form the "Made in Process" are all 100% built in Italy since "Made in Process" = "Made in Italy".

Our Process Equipment include
- Helixor Air Diffuser
- "Bio-Gas by P.E." Diffusers for Bio-Gas
- Jet-Helix High Yield Diffuser
- Oxygenator Diffuser for Oxygen and Ozone transfer
- "Barriers by P.E." Fluid-dynamic Barriers for Environmental Protection,
- helier - random packing
- Jet-Mixing Structured Static Mixers
- hsp - helier structured packing
- BB - Big Billy Degasing Pack

The Process Machinery we manufacture are for
1. "Latex and Compound"
2. "Rubber Thread"

The "Latex & Compound" Machines include
- Latex Storage
- Compound Storage
- Machines for the Dispersion Preparation
- Machines for the Base Mix Preparation
- Machines & Systems for Compound Activation & Maturation  
- Carriage Tanks
- Stirrers and Agitators for Latex, Base Mix and Compound
- Homogenizers for Latex and Compound

The "Rubber Thread Machines" foresee
> Spooling Machine 
> Packing Machine
> Talcum Machine
> Ribboning Machine
> Cooling Machine
> Splitting Machine

Our Industrial Packages include
=> IPS - Ice Prevention System for De-icing
=> NP - Neutralization Package
=> hC - helier Columns , structured columns for Mass Transfer Operation
     (Absorption, Desorption, Stripping & Washing)

The Process Plants we supply through EPC and EPCM contracts on Turn-Key basis include
A. "RT Plant by P.E." with "process Control System by P.E.
B. "E & F by P.E."
C. "Aerated Lagoon by P.E."
D. "Latex Products Plants by P.E."

SpareParts Service, Technical Assistance and Technical Services for the
- Process Equipment
- Process Machinery
- Industrial Packages
- Process Plant
we build and supply are available.

In particular all the spareparts required by Rubber Thread Production and Rubber Thread Plants are vailable.

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