Bathus industry ltd.,co

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Junction of keji road and Jiye Road
Industry Town
Songgang Town
Nanhai District
Foshan Guangdong

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Company Description

Zhongyu Industrial Co.,Ltd in Nanhai District of Foshan City was first founded in early 80s of last century.With fair wind of reform and opening to the outside world and in the concept of �?�¢??Being Diligent, Practical, Good Quality, and Innovative�?�¢??, the company has experienced growth step by step, having strengthened and developed into a modernized enterprise taking a land area of more than 18.5 thousand square meters including a floor area reaching more than 2 thousand square meters and owning modernized advanced technology and equipment as well as highly efficient and orderly management, bale to produce and process various industrial and civil plastic parts with good quality and in promptness.

Our company takes �?�¢??Pleasing People�?�¢?? as service tenet and is specialized in undertaking production, Processing and assembly of plastic parts of all specifications for different industries and factories as well and enterprises, especially good at large and small house hold electrical appliances and family plastic articles such as fans, etc. Our company has newly released its competitive products of sanitary series (massage bathtubs, shower rooms, and computerized sauna room),as well as travel foldable desk(leisure and army)series which are moreover the hot products in current markets.

Our enterprise implements a full stream of service from design, formation production, assembly, OEM service, up to delivery. Welcome manufacturers of various parts for collaboration and partnership. Specialized job division, cooperative mutual help, and joint-effort production have become comparable advanced production mode for manufacturing industry at present Zhongyu Industrial Company expects to establish cooperation relationship with more manufacturers and business people, to seize business opportunities, and to produce and provide various marketable commodities in a more promopt, simpler, and more specialized and higher efficient mode, to satisfy the social demand, and to allow friendly cooperation to reach the Win-Win target.

Zhongyu Industry, has interfused the advanced corporate management ideas of the today;s world and has optimised the preparation of various resources such as people,property,materials,and information, etc., thus to have enhanced the corporate strength in the intense market competition.

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