Cheju Orange Co., Ltd.

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United StatesUnited States
5-7 Hannam-ri
Namwon-eup Namcheju-gun Cheju-do 699-802 Korea

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Company Description

Jeju Orange Co. specializes in the manufacture of orange chocolate. Sourced from oranges planted in pollution-free area of Jeju Island, orange chocolate has the taste, nutrition and smell of orange as it's processed with vacuum freeze drying equipment. Our orange chocolate is 3-layer solid bar line type that orange is sandwiched between two layers of chocolate.

As a specialty product of Jeju Island, our orange chocolate is being sold actively in tourist stores, depar
tment stores and is exported to the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are also supplying green tea chocolate and red ginseng chocolate. Our products are selected among the "2002 Best 5 Korean Traditional Food" by Korean agricultural government institute.

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