Sam's bio Co., Ltd.

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259-5 Poi-dong
Seoul 135-965

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Company Description

Sam's bio Co., Ltd. is high-quality cosmetics based on aromatherapy. It penetrates and refreshes your skin gently to heal the stressed and damaged skin, while the soothing fragrance gives a relaxation. Sam's bio Co., Ltd. supplies the nano-sized Pycnogenol containing high-level of natural anti-oxidization ingredients into the deep layers of skin. Sam's bio Co., Ltd. strengthens the immune system of the skin that has been weakened by chemical or nutritional imbalance. Sam's bio Co., Ltd. also helps your skin regain the maximum level of defense mechanism against the external stimulus, so it will be quick to recover from any damage.

Sam's bio Co., Ltd. contains a special blend of the Lavender that controls to reduce s
kin grease and facilitates cell growth, Green Tea, known to preserve water in the skin, kill harmful germs, eliminate skin waste and facilitates blood circulation as well as Marygold for moisturizer. Sam's bio Co., Ltd.'s natural ingredients build up the defense mechanism of the skin against external stimulus, so you can smooth it liberally onto your skin without trouble.

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