Shang Hai Pai Heng

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Rm501 19th building
3338# Jinxiu Rd

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Company Description

Shanghai Paiheng trade & development Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of NomexIIIA products. Our fabric weights 4.5OZ, 6.0OZ or 7.5OZ (knitted)for different apparels and accessories such as shirt, jacket, pants, labcoat, coverall , hood and gloves. They are widely used by the Army, Police, Firehouse, Petroleum, Metallurgy and Auto Racing, etc. Many colors such as royal blue, navy blue, orange, green, yellow, red and tan are available for selection.

In addition to that, we offer to sell all the relative accessories such as fabric, sewing thread, zipper, FR reflective tape, buttons and so on.Those fabric, thread and zipper could be made of Nomex or FR Aramid both of which are permanent and inherently flame retardant. We also have some other replacements for NomexIIIA fabric. Those could be made of Nomex/Viscose blend, China FR aramid, FR cotton and FR polyester etc which are cheaper in price.

Besides this, we also deal with other kinds of personal protective equipments.

Body protection items: Safety Vests, Fire retardant Garments, Welding Garments, Flight Suit, chemical resistant clothes

Head protection items: Helmet, FR hoods, Glasses, Masks, Goggles, Ear plugs, Earphone

Hand and foot protection items:Nomex flame retardant Gloves,Kevlar cut-resistant gloves,latex insulating gloves, Safety shoes
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