China National Textiles I/E Corporation

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Company Description

China National Textiles Import & Export Corporation (abbreviated as CHINATEX),founded in November 1951, is a specialized foreign trade corporation directly attached to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China.

Chinatex mainly specializes in all kinds of textile materials,textile finished products/semi-finished products,garments,knitwear,cotton and woolen products and other imports and exports approved by the State.

Furthermore,Chinatex acts as an agent of the above business, undertakes joint-ventures, cooperative production, and technological import and export,proccsses the imported parts,
manufactures parts according to the samples provided by over-
seas partner;assembles with imported parts;carries out compen-
sation trade,counter trade,barter,entrepot trade through the third party.It also undertakes international transportation,advertising and publicity,consultation services of international trade,commo-
dities exhibition and technological exchange.

In the meantime, Chinatex, by means of joint investing and co-management, is engaged in domestic wholesale and retail,textiles and garments industry,food processing,technolocial cooperation and development and the services of the restaurants and hotels.

In the beginning of the founding of Chinatex,its annual business value was only some ten million US dollars.In the past decades,
Chinatex,following the maxim"be united,work for development and keep forging ahead"and through hard work,has made important contributions to China's foreign trade.At the same time,Chinatex has gained economic strength and maintained large operational scale,becoming the large-sized state foreign trade enterprise known both at home and abroad.Chinatex has not only made every endenvour to develop China's textile exports,but also promoted the imports of various fibres badly needed by our country, thus,
strongly supported the nation's economic construction and the steady development of China's pillar industry-textile industry and provided a lot of opportunities for friends from the internatonal fibre circle.

Since 1988,with the reform of foreign trade system,Chinatex has entered into a new phase of development.In order to adapt to the requirement for the development of our socialist market economy,it has quickened its enterprise reform and the transformation of its operational mechanism.Now Chinatex makes great efforts to develop its own import and export business,strengthening its economic strength,while continues to be responsible for arranging the unified management and operation of staple commodities,such as cotton,cotton yarn,cotton gray cloth,T/C yarn and T/C gray cloth.At present,Chinatex has 14 subsidiary companies and over 34 overseas enterprises in more than 20 countries of the world,and over 20 domestic branches in the country's major provinces and cities,forming a mechanism connecting the country and the world.Chinatex,with a solid foudation,is now quickening its industrialization step.The corporation has invested or jointly invested in more than 80 projects covering textile processing and Hi-tech development as well.As a result,the corporation's advantage in scale operation has been strengthened and continued to mainain a position as one of the largest foriegn-cur-rency earning enterprise in China.

Now,Chinatex has established trade relations with more than 170 regions and countries in the world and nearly 7,000 customers.

China National Textiles Import & Export Corporation is willing to make great contributions to the expansion of international exchange,hand in hand with the friends of same trade in the world.

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