XcureNet Co., Ltd.

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5F Medica B/D
1489-2 Seocho-3dong
Seocho-gu Seoul 137-869

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Company Description

XcureNet Co., Ltd. specializes in Content Security products and services.
XcureNet considers Hu
man, Technology, and Confidence as its top 3 values. Therefore, we have always valued human, created values based on high technology, and tried to become a reliable provider to win customer confidence since its establishment in 1999.
Meanwhile, in 1
997, there was a critical incident that the core technology information from one of the largest domestic companies was leaked into a foreign competitor.

Since then, we have realized the necessity for internal information security. After that, Xc
ureNet received a project for the internal information security and finally launched Venus/EMASS to the market.

As ear
ly as the development stage, XcureNet gave consideration to large-scale network. As a result, we could support gigabit environment for the first time in Korea.
Since then, a family of XcureNet Venus products such as Venus/EMASS, CPS, NetPlexer, etc
has been developed. Especially, Venus/EMASS is a mail monitoring solution that has unprecedented strongpoint of generating no traffic load without packet loss even on a large-scale network.

Recently, XcureNet has entered into partnership with S
ymantec; a leading security service provider worldwide and then released Venus/VirusWall that is a renowned security solution for gateway, produced by bundling vaccine functions to the Venus solution.
XcureNet's excellent technical power has been pr
oved with a lot of Bench Mark tests.
In 2002, XcureNet founded a joint venture in China to take the first step to advance i
nto the foreign market.
We are always trying to take care of our customers and employees, and we are fully committed to kee
p developing our technologies.
XcureNet will always do its best for our customers so they can be provided with reliable and
convenient security solution services anytime, anyplace.

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