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Eoyeon Hansan Industrial Complex 2B-5L 884
Cheongbuk-Myeon Pyongtaek-si Gyeonggi-do 451-830

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Company Description

What is a powder metal camshaft?

As compared to cast-iron pipes, it can be up to 50% light

A camshaft is a core engine part that controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves by conver
ting the rotary motion of the engine crank shaft of an internal combustion engine into the up and down motion of the rocker arm. In Korea there are two types of camshafts: the cast-iron type and the powder metal type. The camshafts manufactured by Seojincam are the hollow sintered type. Cam lobes and end pieces, made of specially mixed metal powder, are attached to hollow pipes, and then they are sintered.  
As powder metal camshafts are hollow inside, they can be 30~50% lighter than cast-
iron pipes whose inner part is filled. As lightweight engines are increasingly important in improving fuel efficiency, it is expected that the powder metal type will continue to see wider applications in the future.

Also, in th
e case of the powder metal type, the use of high-strength carbide composites can greatly improve the endurance and wear resistance of camshafts. As the processes of heat treatment and surface treatment, which are essential to the cast-iron type, become unnecessary, manufacturing processes will be simplified, resulting in much lower defect rates and cost

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