tianjin xujing new technoligy co.,LTD

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xikang rode tianjin city china 300051

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Do you need product with high tech contents?

Do you need product with strong competitiveness?
Do you need products that can produce high profit?
Nuclear magnetic r
esonance functional micro-powder series products can meet your needs.
The feature of so-called functional micro-powder wit
h nuclear magnetic resonance function is that it can produce by itself the biological energetic wave which is easily absorbed by human body and has two-way adjusting function for organic diseases of the human body, through changing the molecular bond distance of the injured cells, it has the functions of controlling, alleviating and repairing the common organic diseases, this micro-powder contains 30% nanometer and 70%subnanometer. Through research on this substance, Tianjin Xujing New Technoligy Co., Ltd. And Tianjin Medical University has successfully de

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