Magtopia Co., Ltd.

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The second Building 105
Techno Business Support Center 267
Gyeongsangbuk-do 730-030

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Company Description

The most of present equipments, electrical products and home appliances are adapted with magnets, therefore the application of magnets is countless. Moreover, already used products may increase their functions by using magnets and therefore the application of magnets is so wide. However, given conditions in Korea at the moment are very weak for the ones to learn about the application of magnets systematically and therefore many fail to analyze and design the magnetic circuit through a thorough understanding.

However, own R&D and professionals with strong professional fundamental in magnetic
circuit and engineering, Magtopia improves the existing and develops new magnetic applying equipments. Magtopia is doing its best to be an essential part of the society from the hidden side, such as a magnet.

Magtopia will fulfill the any needs
requested by customers. Where there are places related to magnets, Magtopia will be there, too.

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