Qingyuan Bossid Industry Company Limited

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:Yinying Road
LongTang Town
QingCheng District
Qingyuan City . GuangDong Province. . Guangzhou Guangdong 510400

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Company Description

Product technical index:
Product number G-1312
Product  specification Specific
ation index
appearance Little light yellow liquid
Color (pt-co),#? 130
Specific gravity (20?) 0.9850-0.9950> Viscosity (25?)mpa.s 342
Epoxy value ?. ? 6.20
Acid value mgkoh /g? 0.3
Residual lodine gl2/loog ? 3.0
ash point ?? 280
Refracive index(20?) 1.4710-1.4750
Heat loss (125?/2hr) ? 0.30
Heat stability (177?/3hr) 6.30<
br>characteristic With following characters : safe to use , harmless to human . high diaphaneity , high expoxy value . low acidity , fine compatibility , and odorless
Application Mainly applied in proceesing of pvc plasics, rubber processing, trans
parent membrane, color film  . adhesives and products of medical pvc . plasticizers of environmental protection etc.
Recommended formulation 1-5
Packing 200kg in an iron barrel . 1000kg in an plastic barrel
Storage Containers s
hould be properly sealed . ensure g-1310 storage in security ,. And should be keeped below 30? to prevent volatility


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