Shore to Shore Exchange International

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P.O. Box 10896

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Company Description

Hello and welcome to Shore to Shore International Exchange (SSI).

We are a world trading company operating out of Conway, ARK, USA. We have experience in serving, fulfilling and supplying any shipping need of goods and products requested and/or sold.'s what we do.

Donna Benton - President & Co-Founder

paper, apparel, clothing, oil, oils, animal, tissue, disks, sheets, bedding, curtains, plastic, plastics, food, spices, fertilizer, sugar, scrap, paper, bags, bag, packaging, wheat, flour, pencil, pen, pens, used, tuna, canned, medicine, medicines, pharmaceuticals, molasses, laptops, computers, rice, textiles, monitors, LCD, leather, shoes, headgear, sneakers, nike, tennis, balls, ball, salt, soap, soaps, glass, seeds, tapes, sony, tools, catsup, cosmetics, furniture, desks, televisions, batteries, fish, phones, cell, nets, cotton, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, health, beauty, ink, cartridges, cameras, PVC, valves, wires nylon, molasses, lights, light, chemical, chemicals, bottled, bottles, vinegar, jewelry, necklaces, watches, cans, cups, coffee, beverages.

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