Sentrion Corporation

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Rm301 Venture Gwan KICET
233-5 Gasan-dong
Seoul 153-801

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Company Description

Sentrion Corporation(the "Sentrion") was established in 2000 and located in Korea. Sentrion offers complete temperature & humidity sensing solutions, related electronic components to our customers across the globe. Many years experience in marketing and manufacturing have allowed us to offer these solutions that exactly meet our customer's requirements.

Sentrion supplies NTC Thermistors and humidity sensors, related electronic components into the key market areas of
HVAC, Mobile phone and Domestic Applications. We believe that the need for exacting temperature and himidity sensing, another sensing will continue to grow especially in the areas of HVAC and domestic applications. As microprocessors begin to be more prevalent in domestic appliances and white goods, then the need for accurate temperature sensing will increase dramatically.

Sentrion is positioning itself to take advantage of these market dynnamics and will offer world leading solutions to their customers, backed up by high quality products and best-on-class customer service. Sentrion is continually improving its performance across a wide range of products.

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