SAMWOO Livestock Industry Co.,Ltd

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585 Mukapri Chowolmyeon Kwangjusi Gyeonggi-do 464-863

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Company Description

Our company has started since 1968.
And then we converted to juridical person in 1996.
have worked for NUNANE spirit.
That is abbreviations of Nutrient, Natural, and New.
We do our best on to supply nutrien
t, natural, new food product for our customers.

And also we have worked with TSS(Technical Service Supply) since 1995.

TSS is in England.
They are famous company for egg quality control system.
We are a sole agency in Korea.
>We have produced egg and yolk oil.
The yolk oil made of yolk in egg. The product name is [Nanyu 180].
It contains a l
ot of lecithin.
So it is so useful to sustain good health.
The yolk oil is the most popular health food in Japan.
t made in commercial product by our company for the very first in Korea.

We will do our best to succeed.

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