Humantex Machinery Inc.

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1030 Daecheon-Dong Dalseo-gu Daegu

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Company Description

We, Humantex Machinery Inc, are going to be a leading company in the industry to produce the diversified and elegant embroideries for daily life of the customer. We are going into thoroughly the business ideologies to manufacture the efficient, precise and convenient quilting/embroidery machines for human welfare.

With the own "Research Depar
tment", we has been studying constantly for the World best Embroidery & Quilting precision machine.
As a result, it comes t
o succeed in developing the machine named "Dolphin Duplex Series" for the very first time in the world as the Complex machine for Embroidery and Quilting.

According to the continuous research and the development of quality, we have obtained KT m
ark, the symbol of new technology, acknowledged by the Government and also CE mark from EU. This means that our products, DOLPHIN DUPLEX Series satisfy any necessary technological factors in demand of both Korea and EU and they are free of any trade restriction in the region.

Now we are on the way of getting into the most advanced maker of the complex machine for Embroi
dery & Quilting through ceaseless investment and training. And another trial shall begin from Humantex today.

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