Himalyan Salt Lamp

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2000 Oak Loch Trace

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Company Description

Salt Crystal Lamps and Tea Light Holders are nature's endowment as an air purifier, which enhance the quality of the air we breathe. In fresh country air we find up to 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeters - the size of a sugar cube. Near strong surf or close to a waterfall up to 10.000 negative ions can be found, however the number of negative ions in major capital cities at rush hour does not even reach 100. Salt Crystal Lamps are also known for eliminating positively charged allergens like Dust allergies, Pollen (grass, weed and tree pollen) allergies, Dust mites allergies, Animal dander allergy, Mold spores, Hay fever, Asthma, Odor reduction, Smoke elimination, Depression, Chronic fatigue, etc.

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