Hanjin Drilling Co., Ltd.

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1612 Jidong
Soongin-Dong Jongno-Gu
Seoul 110-876

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Company Description

Hanjin Drilling Co., Ltd. established designing and building full-hydraulic, long stroke, top head drive drill rigs in 1989 at our manufacturing facility located in Kwangju, South Korea. Today, we can supply full product for drilling included training. Our rigs are used for water well, soil investigation, geotechnical drilling & civil construction & Drilling Accessories (DTH Hammer & Bit) and so on.

DTH Hammer & Bit (Down the hole hammer)
Drill Rig (Water well d
rill rig, Soil drill rig, blast hole drill rig
blast hole drill rig, HDD Direction Drill)

Power4000 6000 7000 9000
9900 9900S
MP 4000 5000 7000
CD 5000
Mud pump
Hyd drifter
DTH Hammer & Bit (Down the hole
overburden bit, Odex, Tubex, super jaw
Hanjin Drilling

Hanjin's rigs have earned a reputation for rugg
ed dependability and low maintenance. That's why they are built on a foundation of experienced hydraulic system and we support excellent workmanship and the high standard of it's service. Our high-pressure hydraulics systems provide big performance in compact packages. And the flexibility provided by hydraulics has allowed us to design a wide range of rig models that satisfy a variety of needs including rotary, core, auger, top head percussion & down-the-hole hammer drilling.

A recent addition
to the Hanjin's rigs has been the introduction of Dual Rotary Drill so that it is available for any rock formation.

With quality, affordability and knowledgeable customer service, Hanjin Drilling Co., Ltd. continues to offer new rig variations and new rig models to satisfy customer and developing market demands.

Everybody is looking for the drilling equipmen
t with high quality and low price.
If you want the kind of drill rigs, Hanjin Drilling Co., Ltd. is at your solution and s

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