Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory

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No. 148 Fangcun Road East
[Zip/Postal Code:510371]

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Company Description

Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory, formerly known as Hip Tung Wo Machinery Factory established in 1911, which made the first diesel engine in China, is one of enterprises manufacturing diesel engines with the longest history in China. We got the ISO 9001 Certificate in 1999, passed ISO (2000 Quality Verifi cation system) in year 2002. At present, the factory has become the largest factory manufacturing diesel engines in the South China and has a capacity of mass production of diesel engines.

The factory manufactures mainly series 230, 300 and 320 diesel engines with 3 kinds of bore of cylinders and 20 odd specifications. Every capability index of 230 series has reached international advanced level at the beginning of 1990s. It operates on heavy oil of viscosity 380cst/50oC or 3500 Redwood 1 Sec/100oF. And diesel engine of 320 series operates on heavy oil of viscosity 180cst/50oC or 1500 Redwood 1 Sec/100oF. They can be used as marine main engine for oceangoing vessels as well as marine auxiliary engine. These diesel engines are fit for power supply of ships on rivers and sea.

Besides single engine, we also produce diesel engine sets of 500~2, 426kW, with low noise, energy saving, easily to be networked and long-term good operation. Diesel engine sets with emergency parts can also supply power automatically. They are ideal security spare power supply for self-provided power stations and power plants.

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