Sewoo Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.

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14B-8L #697-7
Kyungseo-Dong Seo-Gu Incheon

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Company Description

We produce not only domestic brands but also most of international brand's tool. We designed our production process to produce better and quality products by centralize production process from the merchant, cutting, manufacturing, heat treatment, coating and packaging.

We try to supply products that give our customer value, benefit and sati
Korea has limited technology and short history in producing hydraulic breaker tools, but Sewoo
has been increase in sales every year and our technology and products has been recognized in overseas market as a one of the best products.
Our ongoing success has contributed by our constant over 5% investment in technology development, resolute int
ernational marketing, know-how in heat treatment, participation in various EXPO and products and quality differentiation.

We will stand as a Korea best-specialized toolmakers through the competition with world best break toolmakers.

We would like to thank you for all the support and interest from our valuable customers and please give us a more e
ncourage and advice as we want to be best in this industry to serve you better.
Thank you.

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