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31 Pyongchon-dong Sangdang-gu
Chongju Chungcheongbuk-do

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Company Description

1. Sowing of various kind of seeds
   It enable to sow various kind of seeds, such a
s vegetables,(cabbage, young radish, spinich, radish, carrot, spring onion), Rice seed, corn, bean and seedling.

2. R
eduction of the cost
   It reduce the cost of seeds, unlike hand working

3. Reduction of manpower >   Digging soil, sowing, covering and squeezing, those working is done simultaneously, thus it reduce the cost of sowing.
   It reduce the manpower

4. Accurate sowing
   It is possible to sow with regula
r depth by adjustment of plough's height, and the seed is supplied in plought reqularly

5. Adjustment of rope interva
l and planting distance
   It enable to sow of various planting distance by changing of speed, and also it is po
ssible to seed with contemporary rope interval by movement of plought

6. Increasing of the yield
creasing of the yield up to 20%, since it is good at ventilation, growth and quality

7. Scientific structure
item : It is designed with structural dynamics, to adjust the length easily and to reduce the manpower by various sowing work conditions, for power(3,4,5,8 item)
   It enables to sow wide range of the land with less manpower by front whee
l drawing mode which has DC motor and engine(2PS)
   It keeps accurate planting distance by sowing with sowing r
oller driving.

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