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6117 Reseda Blvd Suite A Tarzana CA 91335 USA

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Company Description

I do have a new contract that i'm bidding on here in the USA.  It is for roller-up shades.  There are approximately 26,000 that this company needs over the next 18 months.   We would like to have 2 prices from you for just the material needed to manufacture these and a separate price to have you completely manufacture the products.

Here are the specifications:

Type: Rollershades
Material of roller: WOOD
Staples: A
minimum of 8 staples per a roll
Fabric: Vinyl
Color: Champagne (or similar color of customers choice)
ess: 8 Mil minimum
Bottom rail: Glued wood rod at bottom

Here are the quantities and sizes:

to determine exact width size.  Width may fluctuate and can vary (+/- 8"), the length is an exact number.)

All sizes are in US inches

350 ea 30 x 60
1760ea 50 x 60
1500ea 65 x 60
1010ea 22 x 72
2150ea 34 x 72

3560ea 42 x 72
1750ea 50 x 72
4480ea 65 x 72
7540ea 84 x 72
2200ea 97 x 72
50ea 22 x 84
560ea 64 x

Total 26,910 shades

I need to have an answer by Tuesday the April 6th in order to place this bid with the
customer.  This is for the next 18 months and the customer will determine when and what sizes are needed over the 18 month period.

Cost is the only factor, so the lower the cost of material and labor the better chance we have of winni
ng this bid.  We are bidding against 6 other firms.


Jason Eisenberg
CEO - National Sha
de & Blind

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