Sunil Elecomm Co., Ltd.

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Rm A501 Technotown
250-3 Hagye-dong
Seoul 139-230

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Company Description

"We will open up the bright world with the trust and reliability!"

Reliable persons make r
eliable company, and reliable company makes reliable product.
We, Sunil Elecomm, make all our efforts to make the product
which satisfies the customers with the trust and reliability.

There is a saying that, "Genius cannot defeat the person
trying hard, and trying person cannot defeat enjoying person." Sunil Elecom builds up the condition to work in enjoyment, and makes the Company to realize the dream of each and every employee.

We will manage the company with the sense of respon
sibility and mission for the transparent management and partner of the community. The Company thinks of public interest than the profit gained by the enterprise, pursues the development of the Company and the community and works hard to settle the healthy corporate culture.

The Company is committed to bring the enrichment and joy as well as satisfaction of customers by
producing the reliable product and further contribute to the public gain. Producing the right products would be the way of contributing to the society; the Company practices its vision today.

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