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52 Tara Drive

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Company Description

CBI Solutions International Limited,we are a full trading and investment company that have presence in the Philippines, Germany, Caribbean and New Zealand and agents in Malaysia and Korea.

CBI specialize in the trade of related petroleum products (Rebco, SLCO, LPF, Jet Fuel, D2 Diesel), metal scrap, used rails steel billets, UREA, Portland Cement OPC 42.5 and 52.5, LPG, and sugar. CBI provides you with great pricing and efficient service. We are very active in the petroleum industry market place and is engaged in a wide spectrum of petroleum services including brokerage, and marketing. We are strongly linked to the petroleum Industry world wide and deal with many manufacturers of steel, and UREA.

CBIS Int’l works with sellers, buyers and their mandates. CBIS Int’l is committed to accuracy, support and success and thrives to finalize transactions according to specific cooperative terms and procedures. In order to ensure that all offers and transactions are genuine and legitimate, CBIS Int’l designed a cooperative system of terms and procedures between sellers, buyers, mandates and brokers. By following this effective cooperative strategy, all parties will fully benefit from the outcome of the successful transactions. CBIS Int’l has been involved in an extensive research and development evaluation studies of the international energy market and services. CBIS Int’l has conducted

We can supply the following are great prices:

Gold (Dust, and Ingots)


Steel (Scrap, Used Rails, Billets)


Portland Cement


Crude Oil (Rebco, Jet Fuel, Saudi Light Crude Oil and D2 Diesel and LPG)

Iron Ore

I look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with your company.

Gold, Iron Ore, Cement, Copper, Diamond, Sugar, Jet Fuel, Crude Oil, Steel

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