S.L.S Recycle Industries Sdn Bhd

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Lot 1144 Jalan Thye Eng

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Company Description

S. L. S. Recycle industries sdn bhd

Establish in year 1996 as a manufacture and distribution of recycling textile wastes industries. Our company intention is to build and export our entire available products to the potential markets with up most quality and services.

Our product: -

Recycle all kinds textile waste into raw materials for further industries processing into semi-finishing good and also finishing good. These include all kinds of textile waste, denim shoddy, trenton cotton shoddy, white polyester cloths wastes, white cash cot shoddy, cotton solid colour clips, cotton unbleach and bleach white clips, denim clips, all waste yarn, polyester, acrylic cotton, rayon, and used clothing.

For multipurpose cleaning wiping rags, such as oil, water, dust, paint and etc. We process the product by using used cotton cloths to cut into cotton color wipes, and cotton unbleached white wipes into finishing good, with the most variety for every wiping job at the very best.

For unrelated product, our company also plans to release the stylish product red jade with different size, design, quality, rock-solid, darker red colour and natural design contain in the red jade. With the strategy is to serve the upscale niche market of jade industry. The origin red jade is found in Malaysia.

denim clips/twill cutting, tc shoody, denim shoody, white cash cot shoody, coloured 100% cotton clips, unbleach 100% cotton clips, bleach white 100% cotton clips, 100% cotton wiping cloths, etc

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