Specialised Force Pty Ltd

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131 Woids Avenue
Carlton NSW 2218

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Company Description

Specialised Force are Australia's largest supplier of hydraulic tools, hydraulic jacking equipment, pipe and tube bending equipment, rebar cutting and bending tools, busbar fabrication equipment, torque tools and equipment, powerline stringing equipment, rail construction and maintenance equipment, battery tools, cable pulling equipment, electrical contractors tools, hole punching equipment, and much more. 

Our brands include:
Aerial Line Stringing Equipment - Equipment for aerial powerline stringing.
Airtec International (U.K.) - Master 35 Petrol Impact Wrench & KT30 Rail Gap Adjuster.
Aldon (U.S.A.) - Railroad maintenance and safety tools and equipment.
Alkitechnik (Germany) - Alkitronic air and electric torque wrenches and calibration equipment.
ARM Sangyo (Japan) - Hand, battery and electric cable, wire rope and bolt cutters, wire rope swagers.
Balmoral Engineering - Manufacture and supply a range of electrical insulating guards, covers, mats and accessories designed to help protect personnel in potentially live, low and high voltage environments.
Berco (Italy) - Hydraulic track presses for earthmoving equipment.
Bestool Kanon (Japan) -Manual torque tools and torque testers.
Bloom Manufacturing (U.S.A.) - Hydraulic capstan and drum winches.
Bushranger - Impact wood auger bits.
Cable Pulling Grips - Cable pulling grips for overhead and underground cable pulling.
Cable Drum Handling Equipment - Equipment for handling cable drums.
CBC (Italy) - Pipe and tube bending machines.
Cejn (Sweden) - High-pressure hydraulic couplers and fittings.
Compac (Denmark) - High quality floor jacks
Compression Dies - Compression dies to suit 5T-200T compression tools.
Daia (Japan) - Hydraulic pumps and tools.
DCD Design (Canada) - Cable pulling equipment and accessories.
Diamond (Japan) - Electro Hydraulic rebar cutters, benders and punchers.
Dillon (UK) - Force Measurement Equipment - Quick Balance Tension Meter, Dynamometers, Crane Scales, Load Cells.
DOA (Italy) -Trident and Hydrobox power units for vehicles.
Durapac - High quality hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, and tools.
Estex Manufacturing (U.S.A.) - Canvas and vinyl products for Electrical Utilities.
Equalizer International (UK) - Flange alignment tools, Spreading wedges, Flange closing tools
Fairmont (U.S.A.) - Hydraulic chainsaws, impact wrenches, drills, tampers, water pumps, crimpers.
Fastorq (U.S.A) - Hydraulic Maintenance Tools & Bolting Technology.
Greenlee Textron (U.S.A) - Electrical contractor tools, punches, drills, test equipment, cable pullers, fishtapes.
Goodwinch - Petrol Powered Capstan Winch.
Hilman (U.S.A) - Load rollers and skates for all industrial applications.
Hilmor (U.K.) - EL32 lightweight conduit bender.
Hitool NGK (Japan) - Web Strap Pullers, Pulling Grips, Dynamometers.
Hook International (USA) - Lineworker's Strap Hoists
Husqvarna - Petrol-Powered Rail saws
Hydraflare (U.K.) - Hydraflare HF1 37 degree portable hydraulic flaring machine.
Hydrawedge (USA) - Hydraulic Wedges - 60 Ton.
IMB Multifor (Italy) - Busbar fabrication equipment, knockout punches.
Izumi (Japan) - Tools for electrical wiring, crimpers, cutters, punches, pumps, intensifiers, benders.
JAG (UK) - Heavy duty hydraulic cutters.
Jameson (U.S.A) - Fibreglass non-conductive pruning poles and accessories.
Jenny Tools (U.S.A) - Hand-operated cable cutters.
Joyce Dayton (U.S.A) - Worm gear screw jacks,Comdrives, Mitre gear boxes, Shaft couplings.
KKT (Germany) - Lightweight 850 Bar hydraulic tools and pumps.
Load Containment Nets - Nets for safe containment of loads on trucks, utes and trailers.
Lubrication Products - Products for industrial and automotive lubrication.
Maruzen Kogyo (Japan) - Hydraulic and petrol powered breakers, hydraulic post drivers, hydraulic pumps.
Masada (Japan) - Quality bottle and trolley jacks
Maus Italia (Italy) - Retubing tools and equipment.
MyTe Products Inc (USA) - Electric, 12VDC and hydraulic capstan winches.
Novopress (Germany) - Copper bus bar fabrication machinery.
Pelican Rope Products (U.S.A.) - High quality cable pulling rope.
Piab (Sweden) - Mechanical dynamometers, rope tension meters, overload protection systems, and more.
Portable Winch Co (Canada) - Lightweight Petrol-Powered Capstan Winches & Accessories
Posilock (U.S.A) - Hydraulic and mechanical pullers.
Powaquip - Overhead stringing blocks, accessories and hand tools.
Powercom Riganti - (Switzerland) Self - Gripping Clamps (Comealongs) for line stringing applications.
Pressure Gauges - High pressure hydraulic pressure gauges 63-150mm diameter, pressures to 58000 PSI.
RAD Torque Tools (Canada.) - Pneumatic, Electric and Battery Torque Wrenches
Rail Clamps - Rail clamps, lifting tongs, rail pullers, sleeper tongs.
Railway Bars - A wide range of quality forged bars for rail applications.
Rapidcut (Spain) - Pneumatic rebar and mesh cutters.
Riken Kiki (Japan) - 700 and 2000 bar high pressure hydraulic tools, pumps, cylinders, valves.
Robotools (USA) - Battery - powered impact wrenches, linesmans tools & accessories
Royal Master (Japan) - High pressure hydraulic punches, pumps, and foundry gate breakers.
Senyo (Japan) - Wave Dragon hydraulic wire rope cutters.
Shark (Japan) - High quality knockout punches for mild steel, stainless steel and other materials.
Simm (United Kingdom) - Hydraulic cutters for rope, chain, mine roof bolts.
Simplex (U.S.A) - Hydraulic & mechanical jacks and maintenance tools, railroad maintenance equipment.
Tangye (UK) - Tangye lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks.
Tame, Inc (U.S.A) - Specialist Tools and Maintenence Equipment for Diesel Engines.
Tema (Italy) - Hydraulic cable pullers, winches, tensioners, equipment for cable stringing, handling and laying.
Torqlite (U.S.A) - Hydraulic Torque Wrenches.
Tractel (France) - Dynafor digital dynamometers.
Trakrat (UK) - Lightweight Rail Trolleys
TrakStar (U.S.A) - Petrol, Hydraulic and Electric Rail Drills and accessories.
Truflame (UK) - Lightweight hydraulic rail weld shear.
Underground Line Stringing Equipment - Equipment for underground powerline stringing.
Wheeler (U.S.A) - Hydraulic pipe cutters and pipe tools.
X4 (U.S.A)  - Manual Torque Multipliers and Torque Limiters.


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