Dr.Rafiq Apiaries (Pvt) Ltd.

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History of Modern Beekeeping in Asia and Middle east:
1928-1977 sixteen attempts were made to establish European bee in subcontinent 8 times in Agriculture Faisalabad University, 5 times Peshawar, 2 times Sindh, 1 time Baluchistan. But every time all the attempts went in vein. In 1976 Great Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulifqar Ali Bhutto wanted Pakistan a honey producing and exporting country. In 1977 Dr. Rafiq Ahmad accepted this challenge for the establishment of honeybee programme. He established HBRI (Honey Beekeeping Research Institute) at NARC (National Agriculture Research Center) Islamabad Pakistan and he find out the reason for the death of European bee in Asian Region, which was inbreeding and solved this issue. In 1986 Pakistan became self-sufficient in honey production and exporting country. His knowledge, Research and technologies not only helped Pakistan but also assisted other Asian countries to develop modern beekeeping industry to increase national income and economy of their nations. In Pakistan, India, China, Nepal, Srilanka, Japan, Bhutan etc every beekeeper is Student or student of his students.
In 1992 he retired from Pakistan Government institute NARC. After retirement he founded National Beekeeping federation, this federation consists of 52 members of Pakistani Beekeepers, these members harvest the natural, high standard, exporting class honey.
Sider honey ( Bairi or zyziphus) is the most Powerfull honey on the face of earth. As most of you know that we are pioneer of beekeeping in Asia and we had contibuted a lot in this indusrty. we had two varities of zyziphus (sidr or bari) specie from which the eminant quality of honey is produced by honeybees. beside other honey This honey deal with the the immunity of human. this honey gives vital energy to fight with animea, and many other accute infections and diseases like cancer, hipatitus, Aids etc it also give you instant energy which is specially required during exercise, Beteer Merital Life and in Ramadan etc.(Rs.1010/kg and Rs.1610/kg)
Accasia Honey ( Phoolaie) this honey after sider have the most prime medicenal value in it. Experimental evidence showed that one could live normal life on honey and water for three months.
This Honey is effective against the following human diseases:
High Blood Pressure. Honey 3 table spoons (tbs) fruit juices 3 lemons water 3 liters, mix thoroughly; takeit daily any time during day or night, high blood pressure (HBP) normal within 1, 2 or 3 days, continue for 35 days, when ever HBP slightly rises due to stress, long journey or over work take one day dose for normalization of HBP.

Low Blood Pressure Kernels of almond, put these in water for 24 hours, remove husk walnut (akhroat) pine nut (chalgoza) and pistachio (pista) each in equal weight, grind properly, add honey equal to half weight of dry fruits, take 2 tbs 1-1.5 hours before breakfast; and be careful for HBP.
• Constipation. 
• Piles. 
• Tough Phlegm. 
. High Cholesterol. 
• Flatulence. 
• Brain tonic or Dementia. 
• Sinusitis. 
• Sun Stroke. 
• Black Hairs.
• Hair Growth on Bald Head. (Rs.410/kg)
Achivements: International peace prize, united cultural convention, USA ; gold medal & silver medal (Japan), two bronze medal (Poland), Apicultural congresses of Ampimodia; Gold Medal, Silver Jubliee PL 480 Research, USDA, USA & PARC, Pakistan; Silver Medal, IBC, Cambridge, UK; 2000 Millennium Medal of Honor , ABI, USA; Genius Laureate ( Beekeeping and Biological Control pf Insect Pests) , ABI USA; PARC SILVER JUBILEE AWARD BY GENERAL PRVEZ MUSHARRAF, PRESIDENT, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, for making Pakistan self-sufficent in honey production and honey exporting country; Advisor (life –time), Research Board of Advisors, ABI, INT, DIV., USA ; Deputy Governor ( Lifetime), ABI Research Association, USA; The Honorable J.M Evans, President, ABI, USA set up Dr. Rafiq Ahmad Award Foundation for Achievements in Biological Control of Insect Pests (Based on appreciation of president Nixon, USA) and Apiculture; The Honorable Yousaf Raza Gilani, Prime Minister of Pakistan awarded a certificate of appreciation along with cash prize as outstanding scientist in apiculture in Farmer Convention, 2009. Ex-entomologist, Commonwealth Institute of Biological control, South American Station, Argentina and Pakistan station Rawalpindi. Retd chief scientific Officer , National Honeybee Research Institute, National Co-ordinator, and Deputy Director General National Agriculture Research Center, Islamabad Pakistan.

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