Usman Engineering

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1st Floor
Tufail Plaza # 3 Hockey Stadium

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Company Description

Usman Engineering is a leading and fast growing Engineering company in
Pakistan, which deals in mostly industrial projects and import &
export of Electro-Mechanical equipments of most type of the heavy
industrial machines.

We are engage in the field of generation,
transmission & utilization environment energy & heat recovery
systems of electric power, its electronics & digital control
systems, synchronization, load var sharing, inverter engineering, DC
power control, AC & DC motors, step down & step up transformers,
HT & LT generators, all their HT & LT control equipment,
transformer and generator sets (also on rent bases), power panels &
distribution boards, HT & LT cables for industries & multistory
building, automation, protection of machines & generators, battery
chargers, metal detectors of all sizes, soft starter for medium &
heavy power loads,

We are trading & selling the top most
latest & modern technology in the field of digital electronics &
electrical power systems for various industrial applications.

We are a great team of all the above concerning projects followed by experienced and trained engineers and technicians.

Some of the most important industrial categories we are to clarify in which Usman Engineering is engage, as under:

Heat Recovery Systems:
Heat recovery projects up to 2MW to 15MW to 50MW to 100MW to 220MW GCCT projects.

Steam Turbines and Generator Sets:
Generator sets, steam turbines for coupling 1MW to 100MW alternators, sometime with a supply of steam boilers.

Industrial Motors:
50kw to 2000kw, three phase, and 50Hz induction motors and slip ring induction motors,
F-class insulation having L.T and medium H.T voltage i.e. 415ACV to 3.3kv to 6.0kv to 6.3kv to 6.6kv and 11kv.

Frequency drives (inverters) three phase 0.75kw to 4000kw having different voltage 380v to 440v to 3.3kv to 6.6kv and 11kv.

Step-up and step-down transformers in category of 415/11kv to 11k/33kv to 11kv/6.6k to 11kv/66kv to 132kv/11kv and 132kv/220kv.

Power Cables:
Control and power cables of rubber insulated rubber cables of copper conductor, aluminum conductor XLPE insulation H.T cables.
Steel draw aluminum conductor for overhead line of 11kv, 33kv, 132kv and 220kv

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