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Company Description

Corporate Secretarial Services I
Company Secretary I Corporate Finance

Secretarial Services

Biz Corporate Secretarial Services provides the best and most comprehensive
forms of services to our clients. With our specialized group of corporate
, Corporate Finance, Company Secretary , Corporate
Secretarial Services, Business Development Manager, Accounting Services,
Business Marketing, Financial Analysis, Internal Audit, Financial Statement
Analysis, Finance Jobs in Singapore, Job Agency Singapore we not only ensure
that the compliances are fully made on time, but also in the most professional
way in the lowest price ever. Working closely with our clients, sponsors and
delegates, we strive to ensure that all expectations and objectives of each
individual client are met! Having said that, our company secretary services
also includes free advising our clients on Singapore Company requirements which
includes the following

Formation of Singapore
and offshore companies: 1)Update registers and minute book  2) Submission of annual returns 3) Attend to
routine secretarial         filing 4)
Monitoring the filing deadlines 5) General corporate advisory 6)Striking off
company and liquidation.

Company Secretary

More often than not, a company secretary is one of the most important people in
a corporate setup, as they generally know everything that goes on in order to
effectively manage and co-ordinate activities. Company secretaries also have to liaise with every level
of contact, both in the company and as part of the client base as well. With
this kind of responsibility, you will want to make sure the company secretary you choose for your business will fit
in well and has the necessary skills and resources to be effective and

Biz Corporate
Secretarial Services
in providing quality corporate
that is experienced, and have a well-rounded portfolio of skills. For example,
your ideal company secretary may have to submit annual returns and
update registers, and at the same time juggle the routine office filing and
keeping deadlines. This not only requires a high level of office skill and
sometimes delegation skill, but also the ability to manage time effectively.

In addition, company secretaries in Singapore often need to be fully
aware of
Singapore company requirements,
and this will be essential for any company operating in
Singapore. For fledgling
companies, you may also need someone in the corporate
to oversee the formation of a Singapore company,
or even an offshore company. In these cases, Biz Corporate can usually find a
selection of candidates for your inspection, all of which will have relevant
qualifications, skills and previous experience in either a company secretary role, or as a junior secretary.

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Perhaps one of the most important aspects of
any business other than sales and marketing is good corporate finance.
Without a finance department skilled in financial analysis, you will struggle to
make money, and your company will appear unprofessional. Financial analysis is extremely important, as every so
often you need to look at your financial facts and figures and work out if what
you're doing in business is making the desired profits. You can do this by
standing back and looking at your corporate finance with a critical eye, and making the
use financial statement
 to make
sense of the figures.

Business climates change all the time, and in
order to progress and be successful, any business should have a business marketing plan in place to make sure they do not
stand still and stagnate. This type of ongoing development is essential,
because without it, competitors are likely to gain an initiative and move
ahead. Business development managers know that some companies tend to adopt
an attitude where they believe what has worked in the past will repeatedly
work. Whilst this is true in a certain respect, everything changes over time,
and new strategies have to be constructed to take into account new market
trends and changes within specific industries.

Win Business Development has a tried and tested plan to help
marketing managers properly analyze their industries from an objective
viewpoint, and encourage them to make intelligent decisions based on
statistical facts rather than simple beliefs or fiction. Strategic planning can
only begin with the gathering of intelligence in the form of statistics.
Therefore, our business development managers will help with performing market and
feasibility studies to comprehensively analyze the marketplace and study
existing sales projections in order to plan the next step towards implementing
a plan.

Finally, when everything comes together your
sales and marketing managers will have a clear idea of the strategies they must
employ to be most successful. The goal to present your products and services to
as many of your target customers as possible, using all types of business marketing media is now achievable.

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