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Company Description

SMB SA is one of the world's leading producers and providersof precision metal forging and finishing, using its state of the arttechnology, innovative design capabilities and customized solutions.

As an independent forger, SMB has the ability to workclosely with clients in developing efficient, environmentally conscientious andcost-effective custom solutions. SMB offers rapid turn around, and is willingto to handle short-runs, and complex geometries.

SMB is a reliable partner and takes pride in its untarnishedreputation for consistently high quality, punctuality and flexibility inproduction and services!

With over 40 years of forging experience, SMB has forgedover 20,000,000 parts in countless shapes, sizes and metals. As a precisionforging specialist, we work closely with you though the entire process, fromdesign optimization to finishing, to ensure you get the highest quality andmost reliable forgings.


SMB has an established history of producing orthopedicimplants in all standard materials. To date, SMB has delivered over 100different types of hip implant, from precision forged articles requiringminimal machining, to parts with overall material allowance to enable for themachining of several sizes from one forging. SMB also offers a collection ofstandard hips that are available for immediate production to meet your criticalneed.

Over the last 20 Years SMB has forged over 1,000,000 hipimplants!

By utilizing isothermal forging techniques, SMB can producenet shape hips that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. The resultinghips require little or no finishing, and offer substantial savings in time andmoney. SMB's hip replacements undergo stringent quality controls to ensure theyare incredibly reliable, and show very homogeneous metallurgical properties.

SMB utilizes a specially designed hydraulic press forsuperplastic forming. This allows for Net Shape configurations in Titanium andCobalt based alloys for components that require a large degree of deformation. SMBconducts comprehensive metallurgical analyses of the knees produced in itson-site, fully equipped metallurgical laboratory

The demanding geometry of modern trauma plates coupled withstringent strength and fatigue properties requires a knowledge of forging thatcan only be acquired over time. SMB’s 10 year history in the trauma field andvast experience of forging both Stainless Steel and Titanium alloys guaranteescustomer satisfaction.

Anatomically designed net shape forged plates arespecifically designed with superior metallurgical properties that provide maximumstrength and high fatigue values, while minimizing material allowance tosubstantially reduce material and machining costs.

SMB’s medical division offers high-quality, cost effectiveshoulders in varying lengths and materials. From design optimization tofinishing, our engineers and highly skilled workforce allow us providecost-effective, efficient and rapid solutions.

SMB produces shoulders in varying lengths, providingcustomers with quality medical products that meet or exceed their designspecifications.

SMB’s medical production systems are certified according toISO 9001, ISO 13485 and several other specific standards of the medicalindustry.

A fully equipped metallurgical laboratory conductsdestructive and non-destructive testing as well as comprehensive metallurgicalanalyses.


SMB’s proud heritage in metal forming, combined withcontinuous technological development, allows us to produce special vehicleproducts that exceed established quality standards.

SMB understands the strenuous conditions faced by civilianand defense special vehicles each and every day. That is why we produce vehiclecomponents that can withstand continuous stresses in the most extremeenvironments.

Turbine blades for gas and steam turbines continue to be themain bottleneck for the global power generation market. Our fully forgedturbine blades guarantee very high service reliability.

SMB produces turbine blades weighing up to 250 kg and 1500mm long.

SMB provides high strength, fatigue-resistant metal partsfor your most demanding power generation applications, and manufactures turbineblades in a variety of twisted geometries.

SMB produces forgings that meet your exact specifications,and guarantee a long service life, WITH fast delivery times, and flexible orderquantities which ensure that you will get what they need, when you need it.

Whether sailing hundreds of miles out to sea, or dangling thousandsof feet above a ravine, SMB provides the industrial parts you rely on. Wegladly handle projects which require difficult geometries, uniqueconfigurations or special materials. When dependability matters, depend on SMB.

SMB Cable produces a wide variety of essential componentsfor single and bi-cable gondolas, aerial lifts and chairlifts. Experiencedpersonnel, technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment all combine toensure the structural integrity of all cable transport forgings.

SMB Rail produces components that are dependable even underimmense weight demand, continuous stress and sudden shock. All products aredesigned to exceed the stringent safety and environmental requirements demandedby the railway industry.

SMB Aviation components are manufactured to withstand thevibration, shock, and extreme G-forces that are unique to this industry. Adistinct element in our design process is being able to achieve weightreduction without compromising metallurgical performance.

SMB Marine understands the corrosive nature that water andsalt can have on metals. That’s why our highly skilled engineers work closelywith production to ensure final products are resistant to corrosion,lightweight and durable.

Whether used a few miles out to sea, or hundreds of feetabove a ravine, SMB can provides you with the industrial parts you rely on. Wewill gladly handle your projects which require unique configurations or specialmaterials. When dependability matters, depend on SMB.

Net and near-net shape forging of functional components in avariety of shapes, sizes and metals with maximum strength and a minimum ofmaterial allowance are essential in minimizing costs. Advanced designprocedures, as well as 3 dimensional modeling are essential elements in SMB'sfinding innovative, customer centered solutions.

SMB's experience in the thermo-mechanical working of steelsand various exotic allows for the precise control of the deformation variablesresulting in grain refinement and the predictability and reliability ofmetallurgical properties. This results in the superior corrosion and fatigueresistance that oil and gas equipment require, ensure the ultimate in safetyassurance.

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