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Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone
Jl.Coaster N0 8
Blok B12A - 16
Semarang - 50174

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Company Description


Wetake this apportunity to introduce PT.METEC SEMARANG as a Manufacture ProducedVending Machine 1996.

Weproudly introduce our Vending Machine which have largest range of  application serving  BaverageApplication.


VendingMachine METEC SEMARANG (Ex Ryugasaki Plant Kubota corp) Found in 1963, throughthe years of development now METEC SEMARANG the needs of Vending Machinesolution for all market like commercial Baverage, residential,Industrial,  etc.


ProductsRange of Vending Machine listed as Follows :

1.    Vending Machine Can                                                     

2.    Vending Machine Pet                                                

3.    Vending Machine Carton drink      

4.    Vending Machine etc                                                                                                           


PT.METEC SEMARANG have been Produced  Vending Machine  almost in all major customer in all marketsector that need the high quality Vending Machine  product for their application, some Refrenceproject list that are using Vending Machine: Japan Coke-Cola, Japan Baverage,Japan Tobaco, Kirin Beverage, Japan Miruku Community , Japan Rail, Japan Dydo, SapporoBeer, Morinaga, Yukijiru, Kagome, Meiji, Asahi Calpis Beverage and many others.



Our Vending Machine has been accepted to be costumized.

Welook forward to be invited and participate in recent or upcoming  project you might have, please let us know ifthere are terms and conditions that we need to comply with / submit to you, sothat we are listed in your company directory (as Vendor List, Client or Partner).

Pleasefeel free to direct contact us if you need any furter information about ourcompany product line and services.



Henceforth we would be gratefull if we can keep in contact with you for anyopportuny to cater your Vending Machine needs.



Thankyou for taking your time on this brief introduction, and we would be thankfullif we can hear positive response to build a multi beneficial association withyour esteem company.

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