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6/F EU State Tower 30 Quezon Avenue
Quezon City

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Philippines Near Manila

Company Description



MEDOCareHealth Systems, Inc., also known as MEDOCare,is one of the affiliates of the Lockheed Group of Companies, which, in itsdesire to provide services to the existing and potential clients, now hasembarked on providing Managed Healthcare Services. Our company’s strength is derivedfrom the group’s competence which has consistently gained recognition formaintaining high level of performance in the service business.


Our affiliates include:

v Lockheed Detective &Watchman Agency, Inc.

v EBU Property Holdings, Inc.

v Life International Import &Export Trading Corporation

v Advance Forces Security &Investigation Services, Inc.

v Asiatrust Security & InveigativeAgency, Inc.

v Herald Express, Inc.

v East Empire FinancialCorporation

v Excellent Building Care &General Services

v Nikkon Builders, International

v  Bright Skies Travel & Tours, Inc.


Inspired with the goal of becoming the mostadmired healthcare provider in the country in terms of service, public perception,social responsibility and vision, MEDOCarewas established in 2003 to provide the Filipino family easy access to qualityand responsive healthcare services at the most affordable price.


In just 8 years, MEDOCare has covered over a hundred thousand (100,000) beneficiariesfrom the time it was organized out of the combined efforts of prominent HealthMaintenance Organization (HMO) executives, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and otherprofessionals.


MEDOCare’shospital-based system ensures faster delivery of the healthcareneeds of every members. It has a network of over a thousand accredited hospitalproviders, dental clinics and top-notch doctors nationwide – making (MEDOCare) oneof the most extensively participating in the industry. Its wide-rangeof healthcare services include Annual Physical Examination (APE), PreventiveHealthcare Services, Out-Patient Care Services, In-Patient/Hospitalization CareServices, Emergency Care Services, Dental Services, Latest Modalities ofTreatment and many more.


MEDOCareprovides the best doctors and medical service specialists when you need them.Our goal to exceed customer expectations, our commitment to uphold professionalintegrity and our passion for excellence are the corporate marks that make usdistinctively different from the rest of the industry.


We are ready to face more challenges to keep up withthe changing demands of every health-conscious Filipino. And the journey keepson as MEDOCare continues to tramp thepath towards quality, receptiveness and more responsive healthcare services.

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