Diamond Power Control Inc

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5 Olive Crescent off Limca road Nkpor

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Company Description

 Diamond an affiliate to "Austin Petroleum Machines and Equipments Co, Ltd" has been into industrial voltage regulators building and production for the past 8yrs. With a constant upgrade and added precision to today's and tomorrow devices, equipments, machinery and appliances need. We create and provide the control power of almost every kind of machinery and equipments both domestic, offices and industries to run safely. Diamond industrial voltage power and surge regulators provides protection against circuit cable terminal point burnout, spikes, flow back control. Regulation of surge in today's technology this is very possible for us and earth leakages control and protection over time our panel is of a unique type hardly to be found in today's market and industries.

Also we produce a power control panel that is designed to take care of under and over voltage control Diamond do and still till today produces industrial voltage control panel that regulates from input source of 107VAC ~ 240VAC. Diamond produces this very model of regulator from 15KVA/KW to 1250KVA/KW capacity for now and we're still going into more research, development and advancement to increase this our product capacity by raising it to 2000KVA/KW by the year 2012.

In the line of Automatic Change over Panel some Engineering companies do also call this with different names like Automatic Shift Panel and Automatic Transfer Switch. But in all it still tailored down to one single operation panel which is the Panel that changes Voltage power supply from Generator to Public Power supply system circuitry. It depends on where the user wants to install and use this panel, its also used for the purpose of changing/shifting voltage power supply from 1 generator set to another generator perfectly without power interruption during its shifting process. 

Few examples of companies, industries, sectors that uses our products; PETROLEUM FILLING STATION / GAS STATION, in the running, protection and powering of their "Electronic Fuel Dispenser Machines" as the common sine wave automatic voltage regulator is not good and ethical to run fuel dispenser machines as its causes them more harm than good. Examples continues-Hotels no matter the size, manufacturing industries, domestic purpose, Airport, Oil refiner, IT [Communication companies] Hospitals, elevator/motors control and running e.t.c.


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