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19 Moulton Park Office Village
Scirocco Close

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Company Description

Suppler for ID equipment including card printers and software and also ID accessories such as lanyards, badge holders and ribbons.

Adhesive Cleaning Rollers for Zebra printers

Alcoholic Cleaning Pen

All Plastic Clip

All Plastic Crocodile Clip

Badge Buddy - Horizontal

Badge Buddy - Vertical

Barcode Scanner

Bench Slot-Punch

Blank White Cards

Blank White Composite Cards

Blue Contractor Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard

Blue Visitor Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard

Breakaway Safety Lanyard with Metal Clip

Breakaway Safety Lanyard with Plastic Clip

Brooch Pin

CardKeep 2 Badgeholder with plastic swivel clip

CardKeep 3 SafeBadge with plastic clip

Cardkeep YO-YO 2 Badgeholder with Retractable Cord

CardRack H24

Carry Case for Magicard Prima

Carry Case for Zebra P310

Carry Case for Zebra P420

Cleaning Card Kit for Zebra P330i

Cleaning Tape for Zebra P620

Combi Reader - Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe

Combi Reader - Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe

Combi Reader - Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe

Combi Reader - Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe

Complete Cleaning Cartridge for Zebra P330i

Complete Cleaning Cartridge for Zebra P640i -  800015-802

Complete Cleaning Cartridge for Zebra P720

Complete Cleaning Cartridge for Zebra Printers

Conference Tray

Copy Stand & Lighting System

Cord Lanyard with Dog Clip

Cord Lanyard with Spring Clip

Crocodile Clip

Datacard 0.5mil Clear Laminate - Full

Datacard 0.5mil Clear Laminate - Mag Stripe

Datacard 0.6mil Genuine Authentic - Full

Datacard 0.6mil Genuine Authentic - Smart

Datacard 0.6mil Secure Globe - Full

Datacard 0.6mil Secure Globe - Smart

Datacard 1.0mil Clear Laminate - Full

Datacard 1.0mil Clear Laminate - Mag Stripe

Datacard 1.0mil Clear Laminate - Smart Card

Datacard 1.0mil Genuine Authentic - Full

Datacard 1.0mil Genuine Authentic - Smart

Datacard 1.0mil Secure Globe - Full

Datacard 1.0mil Secure Globe - Smart

Datacard Adhesive Cleaning Sleeve Kit

Datacard Alcohol Cleaning Card Kit

Datacard Black HQ Ribbon Kit

Datacard Black Ribbon Kit - 500 Images

Datacard Clear Topcoat

Datacard Dark Blue Ribbon Kit

Datacard Gold Ribbon Kit

Datacard Green Ribbon Kit

Datacard KT Black Ribbon with overlay

Datacard Laminator Cleaning Card Kit

Datacard Metallic Gold Ribbon Kit

Datacard Metallic Silver Ribbon Kit

Datacard Colour Printhead Assembly for the SP35/SP55/SP75

Datacard Red Ribbon Kit

Datacard Ribbon Cartridge Assembly for SP25/SP35/SP55/SP75

Datacard Scratch off Ribbon Kit

Datacard Secure Globe Topcoat

Datacard SP25 Plus Card Printer

Datacard SP35 Plus Card Printer

Datacard SP55 Plus Card Printer

Datacard SP75 Plus Card Printer

Datacard SP75 YMCK Colour Ribbon

Datacard SP75 YMCKF-KT Colour Ribbon

Datacard SP75 YMCK-K Colour Ribbon

Datacard White Ribbon Kit

Datacard YMCKT Colour Ribbon - 250

Datacard YMCKT Colour Ribbon - 500

Datacard YMCKT Full Colour Ribbon with 125 Image

Datacard YMCKT-KT Colour Ribbon

Desktop HD Card Slot-Punch

Double sided open faced holder

Dust Cover for Magicard Rio

Economy Strap Clip

EN1 YMCKO 5 Panel Ribbon

EN3 Black Monochrome Resin Ribbon

EN6 Black with overlay Ribbon

EN8 YMCKOK 6 Panel Ribbon

Enclosed Badgeholders - Horizontal

Enclosed Badge Holders - Vertical

Executive Wheel design Yo Yo

Executive Wheel Round

Executive Wheel Square

Finger Print Scanner

Flexible Badgeholder Credit Card Size - Horizontal

Flexible Badgeholder Credit Card Size - Vertical

Flexible PVC Badgeholders - Clear

Flexible PVC Badgeholders - Coloured

Grey Staff Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard

Card Gripper

Heavy Duty Reel with Keyring - All Chrome

Heavy Duty Reel with strap - All Chrome

Hi-Co magnetic stripe cards

Holokote RFID Custom Key for Magicard Alto

ID Easy Reels

ID System 101

ID System 201

ID System 301

ID System 401

ID System 501

ID System 601

ID System 701

ID System 801

ID System 901

Input Hopper for Magicard Rio/Tango

Keyboard Wedge Reader T1 + 2 + 3

Lanyard with Reel

Lockable Conference Box

Lo-Co magnetic stripe cards

Magicard Alto Printer

Magicard AV1 Full Colour Ribbon

Magicard Avalon Card Printer

Magicard Avalon Duo Card Printer

Magicard Enduro Card Printer

Magicard Holokote Key for Rio/Tango

Magicard LC1 Colour Ribbon

Magicard LC3 Black Resin Ribbon

Magicard LC3 Single Colour Ribbon - Blue

Magicard LC3 Single Colour Ribbon - Gold

Magicard LC3 Single Colour Ribbon - Green

Magicard LC3 Single Colour Ribbon - Silver

Magicard LC3 Single Colour Ribbon - White

Magicard LC6 Black Resin & Overlay Ribbon

Magicard LC8 YMCKOK Colour Ribbon

Magicard PCF6 - 100 shot YMCKO Ribbon

Magicard PCF7 - 100 shot YMCKO Ribbon

Magicard PCX - Empty one-time Dispenser

Magicard PCX-PF2 - 100 shot YMCKO Ribbon

Magicard PF30 - Red Monochrome Resin Ribbon

Magicard PF31 - Blue Monochrome Resin Ribbon

Magicard PF32 - Green Monochrome Resin Ribbon

Magicard PF33 - White Monochrome Resin Ribbon

Magicard PF34 - Gold Monochrome Resin Ribbon

Magicard PF35 - Silver Monochrome Resin Ribbon

Magicard PF3 - K Black Resin Ribbon

Magicard Prima Cleaning Kit

Magicard Prima YMCK Ribbon

Magicard Re-transfer Ribbon

Magicard Rio 2e Card Printer

Magicard Rio / Tango / Avalon Cleaning Kit

Magicard Rio / Tango / Avalon - Printhead Assembly

Magicard Tango 2e Card Printer

Magicard Tango + L

Magicard Tempo / Alto / Opera Cleaning Kit

Magicard Tempo Printer

Magicard Turbo Cleaning Kit

Magicard Turbo Printhead Assembly

Magicard UR10 Gold Monochrome Ribbon

Magicard UR10 Green Monochrome Ribbon

Magicard UR10 Silver Monochrome Ribbon

Magicard UR10 White Monochrome Ribbon

Magicard UR1 Full Colour Ribbon

Magicard UR3 Black Resin Ribbon

Magicard UR8 Full Colour Ribbon for Turbo Flip

Magicard YMCKO Full Colour Ribbon

Magnetic Badge Holder

MagStripe Reader and Writer

Medium Duty Badge Reel with Flexible Hook - Black

Medium Duty Badge Reel with Strap - Black

Metal Card Rack

Mini Retractable Badge Reel

Mini Reel with Key ring attachment

Mini Reel with Ratchet

Mini Tripod

Multicard Badgeholder

Open Faced Badgeholder - Horizontal

Open Faced Badgeholders - Vertical

Output Hopper for Magicard Rio/Tango

Overlay Ribbon - 8 micron 2D Hologram

Pan & Tilt Unit

Patch Laminator Film - 0.6 mil - 2D Hologram

Patch Laminator Film - 1.0 mil Clear

Photo Backdrop with Stand

Pin Clip

Plastic Necklace - 38"

Printhead Assembly for Zebra P110i/120i

Printhead Assembly for Zebra P210i

Printhead Assembly for Zebra P330i/430i

Printhead Assembly for Zebra P620

Printhead Assembly for Zebra P630i/640i

Printhead Assembly for Zebra Printers

Red Contractor Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard

Red Staff Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard

Red Visitor Pre-Printed Breakaway Lanyard

Securit 3400 ID Card Software

Securit 4400 ID Card Software (Incl. Camera)

Securit 5400 ID Card Software

Securit 5500 ID Card Software

Self adhesive cards

Signature strip cards

Signature Tablet

Soft Carry Case for Datacard SP35/SP55

Steel Chain Necklace - 36" (92cm)

Steel Chain Necklace - 30" (76cm)

Strap Clips

Strap Clip with coloured plastic clip

Black Student Lanyards

Swivel clip Multi card badgeholder

USB Reader T1 + 2 + 3

USB Reader T1 + 2

Wallet Stand for Visitor Passes

White Plastic Chain Necklace - 30" (76cm)

Zebra 1/2 Panel YMC Full Panel KO Ribbon

Zebra 1mil clear laminate - full

Zebra 1mil clear laminate - mag

Zebra 1mil clear laminate - smart

Zebra 1mil laminate - World Globe Hologram

Zebra Black Monochrome Ribbon Cartridge

Zebra Black Resin Monochrome Ribbon - 1000 Images

Zebra Black Resin Monochrome Ribbon - 1500 Images

Zebra Black Resin Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra Blue Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra Gold Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra Green Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra KdO Black dye Ribbon with overlay

Zebra KrO Black Resin Ribbon with overlay

Zebra P100i series Cleaning Kit

Zebra P110i Card Printer

Zebra P120i Card Printer

Zebra P210 Tacky Cleaning Rollers

Zebra P330i Card Printer

Zebra P430i Card Printer

Zebra P640i Card Printer

Zebra Premier Cleaning Kit

Zebra Premium Black Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra Red Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra Scratch off Panel - Grey Ribbon

Zebra Silver Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra White Monochrome Ribbon

Zebra YMCK Colour Ribbon

Zebra YMCKK Colour Ribbon

Zebra YMCKO Colour Ribbon - 200 Images

Zebra YMCKO Colour Ribbon - 330 Images

Zebra YMCKO Colour Ribbon Cartridge

Zebra YMCKO colour ribbon

Zebra YMCKOK Colour Ribbon

Zebra YMCKOK ribbon

Zebra YMCuvK Colour Ribbon

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