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Company Description

We are professional Tire supplier in China, We produce and export over 100 kinds of Tires, like OTR Tire, Truck Tire, Car Tire, Agricultural Tire, Industrial Tire, Tractor Tire, Light-Truck Tire, Heavy Truck Tire, Bias Truck Tire, Bus Tire, Passenger Tire, PCR Tire, AG Tire, Off Road Tire, Earthmover Tire, Crane Tire, Loader Tire, Grader Tire etc. Sizes as follow, 

1) Radial OTR Tire, Off Road Tire

17.5R25 20.5R25 23.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25 29.5R29 14.00R24 14.00R25 16.00R25 18.00R25 18.00R33 21.00R35 24.00R35 27.00R49 30.00R51 33.00R51 37.00R57 40.00R57 33.25R29 750/65R25 775/65R29 875/65R29 etc. 

2) Radial Truck Tire, TBR Tire

7.00R16 7.50R16 7.50R20 8.25R16 8.25R20 9.00R20 10.00R20 11.00R20 12.00R20 12.00R24 8.5R17.5 9.5R17.5 9R22.5 10R22.5 11R22.5 11R24.5 12R22.5, 13R22.5 215/75R17.5 225/75R17.5 235/75R17.5 225/70R19.5 245/70R19.5 255/70R22.5 265/70R19.5 275/70R22.5 275/80R22.5 285/75R24.5 295/60R22.5 295/75R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/60R22.5 315/70R22.5 315/80R22.5 385/55R22.5 385/65R22.5 425/65R22.5 445/65R22.5 etc

3) Passenger Car Tire, PCR Tire, Light Truck Tire, LTR Tire, Bus Tire

145/70R12 155/80R12 155/65R13 155/70R13 155/80R13 165/65R13 165/70R13 165/80R13 175/60R13 175/70R13 185/70R13 165/70R14 175/65R14 175/70R14 185/60R14 185/65R14 185/70R14 185/80R14 195/60R14 195/70R14 205/60R14 205/70R14 185/55R15 185/60R15 185/65R15 195/50R15 195/55R15 195/60R15 195/65R15 205/60R15 205/65R15 215/65R15 205/60R16 205/55R16 215/55R16 215/60R16 225/60R16 205/50R17 205/55R17 215/45R17 215/55R17 225/45R17 225/55R17 225/40R18 265/35R18 245/35R19 265/35R22 295/35R24 305/35R24 P205/80R14 P215/50R13 P215/75R15 P225/75R15 P235/75R15 P235/70R16 P235/65R17 ST205/75R14 ST205/75R15 ST225/75R15 ST235/80R16 LT215/75R15 LT225/75R15 LT235/75R15 LT245/70R16 LT245/75R16 31*10.5R15LT 500R12 550R12 550R13 145R12C 155R12C 155R13C 165R13C 165R13LT 175R13C 175R13LT 185R14C 195R14C 195R14LT 205R14C 215R14C 185R15C 195R15C 195R15LT 650R15C 700R15C 650R16C 700R16C 750R16C 165/70R13C 165/70R14C 175/65R14C 195/65R16C 195/70R15C 195/75R16C 205/65R16C 205/70R14C 205/70R15C 205/75R16C 215/70R15C 215/75R16C 225/70R15C 225/75R16C etc. 

4) Agricultural Tire, Industrial Tire, Farm Tire, Tractor Tire

4.00-8 4.00-12 4.00-14 4.00-16 5.00-15 5.50-15 5.50-16 5.50-17 6.00-12 6.00-16 6.50-16 6.50-20 7.50-16 7.50-18 7.50-20 8.3-20 8.3-22 8.3-24 9.5L-15 9.5-20 9.5-24 10-15 10-16.5 12-16.5 10.0/75-15.3 10.5/80-18 11L-15 11.2-20 11.2-24 11.2-28 11.2-38 11-32 11-38 1200-18 12-38 12.4-24 12.4-26 12.4/11-28 12.4-32 12.5/80-18 12.9-18 13.6-24 13.6-28 13.6-38 14.9-24 14.9-26 14.9-28 14.9-30 15.5/80-24 15.5-38 15-24 16.9-24 16.9-28 16.9-30 16.9-34 16.9-38 16/70-20 17.5L-24 18.4-26 18.4-30 18.4-34 18.4-38 18.4-42 19.5L-24 20.8-38 21L-24 23.1-26 23.1-30 23X10-10 26X7.50-12 28L-26 54X68X20 etc

All the Tire we export have reached international advanced level and got certificates of ISO DOT ECE etc. 

With sincerity service and high quality products, we earn good reputation from worldwide clients. 

If you have interest in tire or other Chinese goods, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to be your good friend and business partner in China.

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