Pars Abzar Azmoun

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Afriqa Tehran
Tehran (Zip/Postal:01917655311)

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Company Description

Our company founded in 2004 and at that time with thanks to our engineers we started to design and construct high tech electronic dataloggers for our state of the art instruments then we expanded our company to three parts as follow:

1) lab equipments

We are manufacturer of civil engineering equipments in different fields of construction and materials, geotechnical, road and civil.

2) machinery

In field of machinery we can provide you with foundation engineering machineries like pile driven, pile vibrator, wick driver, hydraulic hammers with famous brands like j & M and ape

3) materials

We can provide you geosynthetic fabrics like geotextiles, geomembranes, geonets, geogrids and also triaxial membrane for triaxial test.

Now we are expanding our market to middle east and the other countries by means of exporting good quality products

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