Mulataga Aquaculture

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Company Description

Australia is surrounded by some of the cleanest waters in the world, including the Southern Ocean adjoining Antarctica. These waters are the most pristine habitat for Lobsters, Crabs, Shellfish and Premium Fresh Fish.

Australia is fortunate not to have the pollution and industrial waste like the Northern Hemisphere. Seafood exported by Mulataga is guaranteed Clean and Healthy. Mulataga Pty Ltd commenced operations in 1980 with a long term focus to supply aquaculture products to the expanding local and export markets.

Having foundations in the famous Western Rock Lobster industry, Mulataga has created a synergy between aquaculture and wild caught fishing.

This strategy of combining wild caught products and aquacultured products is the core of company growth and continuity of supply After 24 years from conception Mulataga's product range represents a diverse selection of seafood. Reliability of supply and advice on seasonal availability are key factors in the Mulataga operation.

Mulataga is vertically integrated and has fishing vessels and dedicated aquaculture production stretching from the warm tropical waters of Broome and Lake Argyle in Western Australia down to the Rainbow Coast adjacent to Antarctica.

The Mulataga philosophy is caring about product from the waters to the plate, from point of harvest to final preparation. Consumers need to know where product comes from and be confident it is Fresh and Healthy. From conception we have always taken the utmost care to ensure that our seafood is free of antibiotics, chemicals or any genetic modification.

A cross-section of products are available together with Mulataga Yabby, including Live King Marron, Garden Island Mussel, Barramundi and Scallops. When a client requires a cross section of Premium Australian Seafood, Mulataga can recommend the right products and seasonal availability.

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