regal poultry inc.

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955 michelin
laval quebec

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Company Description

Regal Poultry Inc.

Founded in 1996,our company can trace its roots in the industry back to 1986 when Prime Packers Inc.was started by Kostantine Matzaras and Evangelos Sideras.

Regal Poultry is currently headed by the two long time friends and business partners, both of whom have a wealth of first hand knowledge and industry experience to draw upon.

Much of the success that our company now enjoys is based on a long-standing tradition of providing clients with what they want most: quality, freshness and outstanding service. Indeed, paying close attention to these three areas has become the foundation upon which Regal Poultry is built.

With the value of annual sales in the millions and growing,we process and distribute over 10 million metric tons of fresh, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) and specialty poultry products every year.

Our 45,000 square-foot production plant in Laval,Quebec employs more than 100 people and houses over 4 million dollars worth of state-of-the-art equipment. Working within a tight 24-hour production cycle, we are proud of our ability to meet and exceed stringent quality control measures.

Our inspection record is spotless and our operations are environmentally friendly, thanks to the extensive recycling and filtration measures we have in place.

Catering to the needs of our growing wholesale clientele remains our top priority,but we also have an eye on the future. Our immediate plans are to expand into more consumer-oriented areas including ready-cooked products under the Regal Poultry brand name.

With new products come new challenges such as the need for new facilities and a larger work force and the ability to meet even more exacting HACCP ratings. We look forward to these challenges as we embark on the next phase in our corporate growth.As always,our focus will remain on quality,freshness and outstanding service.

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