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Company Description

Ennebi is a young Brand that, from the design to the production, offers high-level instruments: from handbuilt professional underwater wrist-watches, celebratory military wrist-watches, to dashboard and/or interiour devices (underwater as well).

The Company is located in the ancient and nice city of Prato (centre of Italy). The Company was founded at the beginnning of 2004 by Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri. Thanks to their long experience in designing and producing military instruments, they head up Ennebi with the purpose to build high-level instruments that set up a benchmark within the world of watches.

Because of the greater and greater interest in Ennebi products, the Company has teamed up with another Company in Prato, belonging to Fratelli Elmi, leader in high-tech mechanical part production. Thanks to this relationship, though maintaining the strict standars of the handbuilt production, Ennebi has increased its production rate such to meet the progressively increasing private collector interest in its products. Fratelli Elmi's Company provides Ennebi with the most up to date equipment as well as with an expert operating staff: this means higher and higher quality levels as well as an increased production, even though Ennebi does want the "handmade high level instrument" to be the main feature collectors and customers expect from each Ennebi device.

Ennebi production includes underwater wrist-watches, devices for instrument panels and skin-diver instruments: the three versions for titanium wrist-watch Fondale and Fondale GF1000; stainless-steel wrist-watch Mictofo and its ultra-limited editions (for rugby lovers): xxxxx and VI Nazioni; stylish aluminium wrist-watch for women Bufo; military wrist-watch IX Reggimento "Col Moschin" in honour of Italian paratroopers located in Pisa; The stylish two version of the wrist-watch Tetrao, in honour of the old italian military corp Bersaglieri (sharpshooters).

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