Dynamise Botanicals Inc.

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26 Love Run Road
Maple Ontario
(Zip/Postal:L6A 3M3)

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Company Description

Dynamise Botanicals Inc. is one of the leading Canadian manufacturer and exporter of plant and herbal tincture extracts, which is able to supply all kinds of herbs in liquid tincture, raw and powder forms for the Natural Health Care industries including pharmaceuticals, natural health products and cosmetics.

Dynamise Botanicals Inc. specializes in premium quality tincture extracts and has a high sourcing capacity of herbal tincture extracts per year.

Our liquid herbal tinctures are made using unique methodology, combined with state of the art technologies. To ensure that our products meet high standards of quality and safety, our clusters are adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in every step of manufacturing process.

As the effectiveness of any herb from a pharmacological perspective is dependent upon providing an effective dosage of the active compounds, Dynamise leads the way by using finest herbs that are freshly harvested so that most of the Phyto-chemicals can be captured. Under a strict and advance Quality Control system, Dynamise produces premium herbal combinations and single tincture extracts to your specification with your private label.

We have professional Research and Development (R&D) division, which enable us to provide all kinds of evidence-based new herbal products, and team of experts is able to create botanical formulas to meet your needs.

For more information about our products and services, please contact us. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are able to provide more details.

All the best and have a healthy day.

Dynamise Botanicals Inc. reserves the right to make minor or major modification to the content at any time.

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