T.F.C. Korea

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101-A Hagye Techno Town
250-3 Hagye-Dong Nowon-Gu Seoul 139-230

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Company Description

Thanks to you who have spared your time to visit T.F.C.

Since the establishment in 1999,
T.F.C has formed an economic basis in the Korean golf industry, through continuous innovation and sound management. T.F.C is striving to become the leading golf supplies company of the 21st Century, in the world market. As a pioneer in the Korean golf industry, we have gained trust and fame, and I will make a promise to carry out the role of leading our economy.

s a result of 4-year research, T.F.C has finally succeeded in developing the astonishing ?power free, environmental-friendly, and economic golf ball supplier? for the first time in the world.

MGD has received acclamation from world famous
golfers and technical experts at the 1999 Las Vegas Golf Show, and has been recognized internationally for its superior quality. It is a promising product adding high values.

It is important to develop progressive products for the rich and conve
nient human life.
However, the development of civilization must bear in mind that the environment comes first.

r>And as a result we have developed MGD, the most environmentally friendly product with no additional cost (such as electric charges, repair charges, etc.), which requires no of power supply. MGD does not contain a single spring and boasts its consistency (99.9% defect free).

MGD is the superior golf ball supplier and a proud invention, and it will advance shoulder to s
houlder with the ?Swiss Army Knives? and ?Nail Clippers?. We promise to carry out further research for better products.
br>We once again would like to express gratitude for visiting T.F.C, and for your continuous and lasting interest and concern.

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