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2F 142-18 Busa-dong
Jung-gu Daejeon Daejeon 301-815

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Company Description

C-MAC CO.,LTD is established under the slogan of "Environment and Human Love" in 2002.
As envir
onment is destroyed rapidly by the development of modern industry and continuous increase of population, environmental problem is risen to serious problem to our human being.

To solve such social problem and makes better environment, C-MAC CO.,L
TD has made and supplied various items such as COD, TN, TP, inorganic matter and heavy metals that become basis in environment water analysis and Qvis water analysis equipment that is simple and correct from a simple water analysis to a special physicochemistry experiment.

C-MAC CO.,LTD will try to be a front-running company of 21th century in the field of environment b
usiness through persistent research and development.

Thank for your visit again and I always ask warm interest and fre
e encouragement.

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